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January 21, 2010

The 1960's Eyelook on Caucasian and Asian Eyes

Please, check out the updated and modernized 60's eye tutorial here.

In this post, I decided to do the 60's eyeshadow application not only on Caucasian but Asian eyes. Yes, it is possible to do a retro eye look on Asian eyes, however there is some modification. Nothing really difficult, just understanding the differences between the Asian and Caucasian eye. Asian eyes are elongated where the Caucasian eye has roundness. The eyeliner in this case has to be applied to elongate the Asian eye and not make it droop, even though the 60's eye was all about drooping the eyeliner and shadow. With this little adjustment, the retro eye can easily be mastered. And, for those of you who have lived this eye look, just sit back and let the memories flow. :-)

Deconstructing Winged Eyelining

I don't have rules, well I do but many are broken in the makeup world. The only one that I do try to follow is to have the makeup look as 3D as possible since my face is also. And, this is important in eyelining. You don't want your eyeliner to stand at the "corner" like it is waiting for some action, you want it to turn; especially important as one gets older. Eyelining that worked in your teens and twenties probably does not look the same due to the facial (muscular) structure. The face becomes more rounded and full which is inevitable. Makeup should reflect this change. If I never allowed my makeup to evolve, then I would probably still be stuck high school (which was during the stone age days)!

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