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February 22, 2010

Highlighting and Contouring Using Three Different Depths of Foundation

Sometimes, people forget that makeup isn't just about applying color products onto the face; it is also about sculpting the face so it looks realistically shaped.  When it looks shaped and sculpted, the other products just add to enhance the dimension.  And you also find you can apply less of the color stuff because you have already shaped the "foundation" (your face).  In the following I will show how different depths of foundation can be used to highlight and contour.  This is especially good for dark skin tones who may find that the different areas of their face are different depths of color and trying to just match to one area can look ashy if you are applying foundation to match the light areas and too dark when matching the dark areas.  

February 19, 2010

Highlighting and Contouring-The Basic Way

I know I haven't posted a tutorial in awhile and I apologize.  I think the next few (by few it could be just 2 or 3 who knows) will have to do with highlighting and contouring the face. I have covered this in my TLOMO blog (The Land of Makeup Obscurity) but this time I have a volunteer and a real face. Again give a warm welcome to the lovely Joy (aka Gingitsune from MUA)! *applause*

February 2, 2010

Deconstructing The Corner and The Hinge of the Eye + Fast and Easy Eyeshadow Application

Recently, Jitterbugdoll (aka Amanda) who has two great blogs on vintage style The Call of the Jitterbug Doll and Able Grable donated some eye pictures. I was about to do a 1920's look on them and had thinned out her brows and everything when something started to bother me. The pictures of Amanda's eyes were great, in fact, the more I played around with them, the more I saw where questions would arise on the basics of the corner and hinge area.

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