For a modernized 60's eye look, please check out this tutorial here

This is the final installment of the Mad Men women.  Peggy Olson is the ingenue of the group-makeup wise.  Her taste in make up, although a novice is much more youthful than the other three women.  Even though the 1960's didn't have the variety of colors as they do today, I thought I would just make Peggy's palette more colorful since she still has time to experiment.

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Please go here for an updated and modernized 60's eye tutorial.

Here is one woman who divorced one of the most good looking and philandering guys of the 1960's-Don Draper.  Instead of becoming a woman of her own, she has decided to marry a guy much older than her so she can be taken care of.  Does this stem from the inadequacy of her father and his death?  She is no longer daddy's little girl but acts like one to Henry Francis.

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Check out the modernized 60's eye tutorial here.

In Season 4, Mad Men introduced Faye Miller, a market researcher.  A well educated woman, one with a PhD to her name.  She exudes confidence in her work yet she is vulnerable when it comes to love.

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Please, check out the updated 60's eye tutorial here.

Disclaimer: The following is just an interpretation.  Make sure you have ample time to practice.  Don't get frustrated and start throwing your make up brushes.  Practice makes perfect.  Also, I can't guarantee that you will find a Don Draper or Roger Sterling at your door with this make up application.

For this tutorial I chose a look that I loved on Joan in season 4.  The makeup in this season has been modernized by the makeup artists on Mad Men.  Although, it still has that 1960's look, it can be worn today without looking dated.  The makeup is still polished but has that sultry eye look.

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