Glamming Up Hooded Eyes Using Lancome Les Gris L'Wren Palette

Borrowing Jane's picture of the Lancome L'Wren Gris palette ($42USD) which I thank her for.  Please be aware that the colors for the tutorial aren't exact since I don't have the actual palette.  When I saw this palette and Jane's eyes, all I could think about was Eva Green's character Vesper in James Bond Casino Royale.  This will be a variation of Vesper's smoky eyes.

Jane is definitely more gorgeous and not to mention a busy gorgeous mom which makes her more of a superwoman surpassing James Bond.  She needs to look glam in little time as possible and this palette makes the transition from gorgeous busy mom to gorgeous alluring woman easy.  First,  Jane mentioned that she had trouble with silver and gray colors.  If you do have certain colors that might not work right for you yet you want to try them over and over (believe me I know the feeling) then the following may help. 

1-I kept the +orbital ridge and crease definition for this one.  Why?  The brown color provides a link with the skin tone and the other colors, in this case silver and gray.  2-Taking the white shimmer (top left) color I apply on the browbone and the inner eye corner.  3-Blended.

Let's say Jane wants a simple silver eye look.  She is pressed for time but wants something defined and easy.  Simple!  4-With her eye already defined on the orbital ridge and crease, take the silver (using the one on the top right) and apply from lashline to just before the browbone.  5-Front view.  6-Blended.  7-Add some eyeliner and there is a simple day look.

Maybe, Jane wants more depth to her lid.  8-Keeping what she has (eliminated the eyeliner), add the other silver gray color (bottom left) and apply it to the lid as shown in the previous post.  9-Blended.  10-Apply the same color as a smudgy liner on the bottom.  11-Blended.  12-Add lash defining liner and another finished look.

But wait! There's more!  I have to use the last color in the palette.  This will add drama easily.  In the last picture you can see where the outer third of the lid is darker than the rest.  That is where you can add the charcoal color (bottom right).  13- From the angle of Jane's eye looking downward, apply the charcoal on the outer third of the lid.  14-Hook it around the outer end and into the crease.  15-Blended.  16-Take the same color and reemphasize the crease.  17-Blended.  18-Take a black pencil and apply a thick line.  19-Blend by using the same charcoal eyeshadow.  Make sure you blend the outer end into the charcoal shadow on the lid.  20-Do the same for the bottom lashline and blend and yes, you can connect the outer end as you blend.  21-Add some lashes.

The progression of the eyeshadow application.

The look on the entire face.

Alluring, Gorgeous, and Hot!

*Thank you again Jane! xoxo

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