Hooded Eyes -Naturally Defined Look

Please go here for the depth defying eyeshadow tutorial.

I am happy to say that Jane a.k.a ModestyBrown has volunteered her eyes and face.  I had been mesmerized by her beauty and begged her for pictures.  Jane has hooded eyes.  As I mentioned in my other blog, hooded eyes have the crease hidden yet it is still defined unlike Asian eyes.  Still these eyes may leave some questioning on how to make them look defined without looking too made up.  Sometimes, the eyes can look heavy handed and tired looking.  In this post, I am going to show how to make the eye look natural and defined.  As you know, a natural look is harder than doing a colorful and fun look.

This is Jane's Essential Palette:  Ivory Cream, Soft Peach, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown.  For lips a peach/pink.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have a essential palette.  These colors are used to define the eyes and face without adding any glamour.  Yet, these colors will come in handy when a glamour look is needed which will be shown on Jane in a future post.


For the browbone area I take the peach color shadow-1.  You might be wondering why I don't use the ivory.  In this case I am trying to go for a natural look and not emphasize or bring forward the browbone area.  You can use the ivory and I will show the difference later.  The main reason I don't is lighting.  Under bright lights especially now due to HD and flash of a camera, the ivory would give a sharp or glaring contrast which could make that area look puffy.  And, that is what you want to avoid at times.  2-Before application.  3-Sweep just on the browbone to beginning of crease.  4-Blended.


Did you notice I skipped the Orbital Ridge?  In this look what will be defined is the lid area and the way it is defined will still give it separation from the orbital area and crease.  5-Medium Brown.  6-(Head tilted back.) Take the color and just sweep it around the shape of your eyeball leaving the center empty.  Do not connect the top.  7-In yellow I show where the eyeball is and usually the crease area is there.  8-The "V".  9-Looking down.  You can see the "V" area.  10-Blended.

11-Ivory cream.  12-Between the brown, fill in with the ivory.  13-Blended.  14-The eye straight ahead.  15-A 3/4th view of the blended application.


Remember this is to just define the lashline.  16-Dark brown.  17-Draw a thin line along the lashes to define keeping the end open.  18-The lined eye look.

Finished Eye Look

19-Before.  20-After.  21-Here I show how it would look with the ivory and peach changed.  The ivory emphasizes the top part of the eye more and is less subtle.  Does it make a difference?  Check it out with the complete face which I finished off by using the peach as a blush and added a soft peach/pink lip.  22-No makeup.  23-With the essential colors which makes Jane look natural yet defined.  24-Changed the eye look.  See the difference?

There you have it the essentially natural look.  The next look will involve more with these colors and the change it can do to the eyes.  Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Jane (Modesty Brown) for her pix! XOXO

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