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January 16, 2011

Glamming Up Hooded Eyes Using Lancome Les Gris L'Wren Palette

Borrowing Jane's picture of the Lancome L'Wren Gris palette ($42USD) which I thank her for.  Please be aware that the colors for the tutorial aren't exact since I don't have the actual palette.  When I saw this palette and Jane's eyes, all I could think about was Eva Green's character Vesper in James Bond Casino Royale.  This will be a variation of Vesper's smoky eyes.

January 15, 2011

Hooded Eyes-Creating Depth and Shape

In this tutorial I took Jane's gorgeous eyes and show how depth can change the eye shape.  There are basically three areas where depth is created-lid, orbital ridge, and crease.  In hooded eyes, the crease will become hidden and so will part of the lid.  You might think why even emphasize that area if you don't see it.  Unless you are a mannequin and just stand there with your eyes open not blinking then please do not emphasize that area.  But, you do blink, look down, and tilt your head; others will see that area and the shape of your eyes.   

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