An Eyeshadow Tutorial Influenced by the Television Show Revenge-Be like Victoria Grayson

Pic courtesy of ABC

As I mentioned in The Unknown Beauty Blog, the character Victoria Grayson's eyeshadow is very mature eye friendly and can easily be adapted to the younger generation.  Once you know where to apply the eyeshadow colors, you'll be able to do this in your sleep!

In this tutorial I use Grace from London MakeUp Girl.

Click to enlarge any of the pictures for a better view.

This tutorial may be a bit more difficult than the previous ones because it does take some patience in knowing where to apply the colors.  I do provide links to previous tutorials for a more in depth look at the certain technique.  Be patient and just play with your make up and you should be able to understand and adapt the application to your eye shape.  Here we go!

1-Starting out with a blank canvas.  2-Take a crease proof base preferably close to your skin tone.  This will be used as a base for your eyeshadow and also as a brow bone highlighter.  In this case I don't want the brow bone to be highlighted to brightly.  This will be explained later.  3-Apply the base from lashline to brow bone.

4-Take the medium brown color or what I call the eye contour color.  This color is very important because as I mention in many of my tutorials, it acts as a guide for the placement of other eyeshadows.  The color itself will just look like a natural contour for the orbital ridge/crease.  If you ever take a picture with it, you will notice it barely shows up, therefore it doesn't interfere with the other colors.  5-(Headed tilted slightly back.) This time instead of applying the color all the way around, start about at the third of the eye or right before it curves into the side of the nose, then stop when you hit the edge of the orbital ridge.  (Read more about the orbital ridge and explanation of placement in this tutorial here and many of the previous tutorials.)  This time instead of closing up the lid area, leave it open.  6-This is how it should look from the front.

7-Take the same color and smudge a wide line along the bottom lashline.  This defines the bottom lash line without making it look harsh and dark with the usual eyeliner colors. 8-Eyes look naturally defined.

9-Taking a 3/4th view of the eye, I marked the end of the lid area with a red line.  The line is determined by the end of the eye and right up to where the crease is.  Since, the eyeshadow tutorial is really for mature eyes, don't let the eyeshadow go any further below that line or it will make the eye look droopy. 10-Take the sandy beige.  11-Apply the color from the inner corner and blending up towards the contour color.  12-Here it is at a different angle.  The area in red shows how far up the color goes.  Notice how the color is close to the side of the nose but still stays within the eye area.  This will open up the eye.

13-Dark shimmer brown.  Unlike other smoky eye looks where the dark color is applied all over the lid, this one is applied just on the bottom half of the lid like a thick winged liner14-Starting right after the inner corner of the eye or right after the tear duct area, apply the eyeshadow just on the lower lid area.  End right at the outer end of the crease/orbital ridge.  15-How it should look.  See how it just colors the lower part of the lid?

16-From a 3/4th view you can see the color never went beyond the red mark.  17 &18-Let's add a "fishtail". (I call it this because it reminds me of one but I am sure it is called something else.)   I know the last time some of you may have been confused by this.  I will cover it here in depth and at different angles.  Again, I use the guide of the lid color.  The color starts from that area but is swept into the direction of that arrow which originates out of the corner of the crease.  Also, remember to use just the leftover color on the brush.  You don't want a solid strip of color, just a slight stain of it to create the illusion of the eye being lifted up and contoured.

19 & 20-The fishtail at different angles. It is similar to elongating a wing eyeliner.  21-Front view.

22-Taking the same color enclose the lid area.  For more in depth information on this, check it out here in step 523-Different angle.  The same color will emphasize and deepen the outer corner giving that sultry doe-eyed look.  24-Do the same to the bottom but only to the outer third of the eye.  Instead of connecting it with the top in one solid line, just blend it a bit into the top, therefore leaving a sheerness of color giving more of an open eye look.

25 & 26-The result.  By coloring the outer ends, the eye appears rounder and more open.

27-Next is the black eyeliner.  It doesn't have to be a pencil.  You can use a gel, liquid, or cake; whatever you prefer.  28-Notice in the picture that the eyeliner lifts up at the end.  This is again to give the illusion of lift to the eye and for the camera gives it a 3D effect (instead of the flattened out effect of regular make up application).

29-Starting right after the tear duct apply the black eyeliner following the lashline, when you get to about a fourth towards the end "wing it" which I explain in many of the tutorials here.  30-Do the same at the bottom, starting right after the tear duct and going up to the end of the outer corner of the eye but never connecting with the top.  31-Different angle.

32-Highlighter.  The reason why I used a very subtle brow bone highlighter is because the major highlighting area would be under the eyes.  If I highlighted the browbone area at the same time, the effect would have been a bit too strong.  (My opinion.) Here, highlighting the area beneath opens up and lifts the eyes a bit more.  And we all know, especially mature women, every little eye-opening lift is helpful!  If you don't have a highlighter like this one, use a foundation two shades lighter.  Also, applying the highlighter after eye makeup is a great way to wipe away the unwanted specks that may have fallen onto the face. 33-Start by dotting on the highlighter between the area of the inner corner of the eye and side of the nose.  Go all the way around onto the highest part of the cheekbone and up to the outer end of the eyebrow.

34-Here is the front view.  35-Blend carefully with a brush.  36-End result.  See how it opens up the eyes!   

37-The lashes!  Add mascara and add some extra individual lashes to the outer corner only.

There you have the before and after!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  I know it isn't easy and it does take some patience but once you get the hang of it, you can be as stunning as Madeleine Stowe!

Again, if you would like to volunteer please check the guidelines here.

***Special thanks to Grace! xoxo

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