A Fringe-Gasmic Makeup Moment-Are You Olivia or Fauxlivia?

Two universes, two Olivias, but one actress makes for one interesting challenge when it comes to differentiating the characters.  Olivia's makeup is more subtle and natural. Fauxlivia is more playful.  Olivia wears cooler tones while Fauxlivia with her red hair wears warmer tones and a bit darker shadow.  Subtle differences besides the hair really make major changes when it comes to the Olivia's in Fringe.  So, I decided in this tutorial to do both Olivia's and to show how subtle changes can make a big difference.

pic courtesy of Fox

Here, I created the different palettes and products for each Olivia.  For both Olivias you will need a facial highlighter and a highlighting lip liner (a fleshtone liner), and some natural length false lashes for fullness.

Olivia's Colors

Fauxlivia's Colors
Before starting, let me thank Jane from Modesty Brown.  Click to enlarge any of the pictures for a better view.

There are similarities besides being played by the same actress the lovely Anna Torv in the Olivias.  Both start out with the same facial highlighting.  An in depth post is found here on highlighting.  Application is done at your comfort level.  Some people like to put it on before foundation, some mix it with foundation, some apply it alone and work foundation around it, others apply it after.  However, you do it, the highlighter is to brighten and bring forward the parts of the face for a 3D effect.  1-Dot on the highlighter onto the center of the forehead, bridge of nose, eyes, cheekbones, around the mouth, and chin.  2-Blend with brush or sponge.  3-The blended result.

Onto the eyes.  Both Olivias have one of the easiest eye makeup looks that work well in real life.  Not only are the looks wearable, if you have hooded eyes like Anna Torv you should be able to do this one quickly.  Also adaptable for all other eye shapes.

Again, this is the outtake of how the highlighter was applied around the eyes. 4-The plain eye.  5-Highlighter dotted onto the browbone, lid, and bottom eye area and up to the cheekbone.  6-Blend. 7-Blended. Just an illumination of the eye. 

Olivia's Eye Look

For Olivia's eye look, the look is simple and easy.  The highlighter acts already as a browbone and lid color so all is needed is an eyeshadow contour color and eyeliner.

8-As a start, I put a guideline to show how far the color extends.  You will see later that this is the main difference and somewhat changes the eye shape between the two Olivias.  9-Take a satin taupe brown eyeshadow and start at about 2/3rds of the way along the orbital ridge (orbital ridge is explained in many of the previous posts).  Continue the color until you hit the end of the bone of the orbital ridge.  Continue and close the lid area.  (More in-depth application explained here.)
10,11, & 12-The finished application from different angles.

13-Taking the same color, apply to the bottom lashline by smudging from inner corner to outer.  I prefer it this way because then the liner is always following and going in an upward direction. 14 & 15-The finished application from different angles.

16-Olivia uses a dark brown eyeliner and applies it very thinly along the lashline for the most natural look possible.  The end does flip up just a touch which creates a soft lift when looking from the front.  Nothing winged out or dramatic.  Just an everyday natural eyeliner look. 17, 18, &19-The top liner look from various angles.  20-With the color that is left over on the brush, apply a very thin line along the bottom lashline.  You don't want anything thick or smudgy, just emphasizing the lashes. 21-When it reaches the outer corner, don't connect it.  22-The look from the front will give the illusion of the connected line but without making the eye look small or enclosed.  23-Just add some lashes and/or mascara and that is the finished natural eye look of Olivia.

Fauxlivia's Eye Look

24-Fauxlivia's eye makeup starts out similar to the highlighting of the eyes but she is more ballzy (but not as adventurous as some of us makeup fiends) still she wears more makeup than Olivia.  She also wears shimmery colors on her eyes. 25-As I mentioned, the main difference is the guideline.  As you can see in the red, this is Olivia's guideline for the shadow.  For Fauxlivia it is the green and it extends out farther which also elongates her eye.  A subtle difference that distinguishes the two Olivia's and also adds to their personalities.  26-The contour shadow is also a tad darker than Olivia's.  Take a medium dark brown and apply as mentioned in Olivia's tutorial.  27, 28, &29-The shadow from different angles.  The shadow extends out more and is more visible.

30-Fauxlivia likes shimmer yet still soft in color.  Taking a soft shimmery peach gold, apply the color onto the lid area up to the dark brown color and blend it in.  31 & 32-Finished look of the color.

33-Using the same dark brown color, apply it to the bottom lashline.  Again starting from the inner corner.  Allow the outer end to connect.  34 &35-Finished application from different angles.  See how this is slightly different looking from Olivia's look (14 & 15).  Elongates the eye slightly and the orbital ridge is more defined due to the darker color.

36-The eyeliner is more of a shimmery dark brown and slightly thicker in line and smudged.  The application is the same when it comes to the outer end of the eye.  37-It slightly lifts away from the lashline, avoiding the eye from looking droopy from the front.  38-Front view.

39-With the same eyeliner color, apply a soft smudged line to the bottom, working from the inner corner out.  40-Leave it unconnected because the previous concoction of the dark brown shadow will make the eye look elongated.  41-Front view.  42-Lashes and mascara added.

Now, you have the application for the eyes. The rest is pretty easy just a different color palette for the Olivias.  Again both use highlighter to brighten their complexion and the same goes for their lipliner.

43-The lips before highlighting.  44-Using a fleshtone lipliner gives the illusion of plumpness around the lips.  I cover a bit about it here45-Blend the line so it melts seamlessly into the skin.

For Olivia finish the look with a rosy pink blush and warm rose lipstick. For Fauxlivia a peach blush and a peach brown lipstick rounds out the look and adds some character to that red hair.

And, here is Lisa from Beauty Info Zone.  The look works in real life and is nothing theatrical.  I even do the makeup on myself because it is so easy and looks polished and not overpowering.

So which one are you? Olivia or Fauxlivia?

Disclosure:  This tutorial is just a fun tutorial.  If you are hell bent on being disappointed with this post and want the real makeup techniques.  I suggest you contact the department head of the Fringe tv show.

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