Want Revenge? Makeup Tutorial Inspired by the Character Emily Thorne

*Post originally written by Olivia J on Into the Palette.*

This is another tutorial inspired by the television show Revenge.  A show not only is a great weekly drama, but a great show with great makeup.  The last tutorial was about Victoria Grayson the manipulative bitch who had an affair with David Clarke. 

This tutorial is about another manipulative woman Emily Thorne (born Amanda Clarke), daughter of David Clarke.  Emily looks so sweet and innocent but underneath that exterior lies a woman as manipulative as Victoria.  As you can see, Emily Thorne has hooded eyes and I figured the best model for this tutorial would be Lisa from Beauty Info Zone.

Let's get the tutorial going.

First, the palette of colors.  Depending on the event that Emily is attending, here eye makeup goes from everyday neutral to a dramatic night time with some shimmer.  In this tutorial I did something in between, I guess a daytime dramatic.

Eye Anatomy for Eyeshadow Application

For the colors I picked out a palette of eyeshadows in peach, shimmery champagne taupe, medium brown, dark smoky taupe, and shimmer beige; add to that a dark brown eyeliner pencil.

1-First I placed a guide as to how far the shadow should go. 2-From a different angle, the guide usually follows the curvature of the outer 1/3rd of the lower lashline and up to the brow.  (Sometimes the end of the brow doesn't reach that guideline that is okay, basically just follow the lashline curve since it tends to be more accurate.) 3-With a soft fluffy brush, apply the peach eyeshadow from lashline to browbone.  4-Take a soft crease brush and apply the medium brown color to the orbital ridge.  Start at the inner corner at the side of the bridge of the nose and just follow the curve to the guide.

5-With the orbital ridge/crease colored, you have the boundary for the lid color.  Apply the champagne taupe onto the lid. 6-Taking a harder brush (filbert) dip the tip into the brown and just draw a soft line on the orbital ridge.  This will emphasize more depth to the hooded eyes and also divide the lid area from the crease a bit more clearly. 7& 8-You can see a slight yet effective difference in the depth of the crease.

Next is the smoky taupe.  I find taupe is a very useful color as I mentioned in this post.  Taupe gives off that perfect shadow without looking too obvious.  9-With this taupe, I am enclosing the lid area.  Just apply it to the outer corner of the lid where it starts to curve.  Apply it from just below the orbital ridge to the lashline.  10-What it looks like to enclose the lid.  This defines the fleshy lid area from the rest of the eye.  It also gives it the illusion of depth.   11-This next part adds some more depth by darkening the outer end of the orbital ridge.  I have explained this method as a fishtail (my words because that is what it reminds me of).   Using the same smoky taupe just apply to outer end of the orbital ridge, it actually connects with the taupe on the lid and extend it just beyond the guide.  This creates a slight tail to the eye.  It should be soft and almost incognito.  If you want more in depth explanation about that area, go here (the area marked in green).  12-A different view.

13-And how it should look so far.

Once you have all that done, the rest is pretty simple.  14-Take the champagne taupe color and line the bottom lashline with a smudge brush.  15-The bright lining under the eyes opens up the hooded eye.  16-To emphasize the depth and also give it the illusion of bigger eyes and length, take the smoky taupe and just apply it on the outer third of the lashline.  17-See how it emphasizes the curvature of the eye while creating depth?  It also makes the eye look larger by creating the illusion of width without flattening and widening it out.

-Take the shimmery beige and apply it to the inner corner of the eye top and bottom.  19-Take a brown black eyeliner (pencil, cake, gel, whatever) and apply it to the top lashline. When it comes close to the outer end, slightly lift it up to give the illusion of length and lift when the eyes close.  (Gives a nice effect.)  For more on eyeliner look here.  20-Should look like this.  21 & 22-Take the dark brown pencil and apply to the bottom waterline.

Add some mascara and check out Lisa's before and after.  I think it is Emily Thorne worthy!

Special thanks to Lisa! xoxo 

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