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June 21, 2012

Want to Fly? Just Wing It!

Okay, so I explained a bit about the winged eyeliner here.  Yes, this is another post about it.  Why do I do so many posts about it?  It is one type of eyeliner that people want to do yet feel something is not right.  Also, like I said, it helps in creating an illusion of lift on the eyes and if you are not at that age of immediate cell regeneration, then you know every magical technique sans surgery is great to know. 

June 17, 2012

Mad Men Inspired Eyeshadow Tutorial-Joan Holloway

The Mad Men television series not only is an excellent and well written show of the 60's era, it has also influenced the fashion and beauty industry.  For some of us who are old enough to remember, the fashion is remarkable replica of that time but with a bit of that update for today's television.  Same with the makeup, classic and very 60's with the winged eyeliners, the look has been updated to suit the vision of today's modern audience.  One character that continuously gets remarkable attention for her personality and looks is Joan Holloway (Harris).

June 14, 2012

More on Contouring and Defining the Eyes Especially Deep Set Ones

I thought about explaining this method in the next tutorial but realized it would make the post way too long and most likely put you all to sleep.  I am not saying it is difficult, but it isn't exactly easy either because it has to do more with the anatomical structure of the individual's eyes.  The only way to explain this is to use a skull.  I found a volunteer, well actually I went on a rampage after my last post.  (<---Just kidding! I found a picture on the web and it is from Boneclones.com, a site that has many different replica skeletons from animals to humans. No affiliation whatsoever.)

June 5, 2012

An Eyeshadow Tutorial Influenced by the Television Show Revenge-Be like Victoria Grayson

Pic courtesy of ABC

As I mentioned in The Unknown Beauty Blog, the character Victoria Grayson's eyeshadow is very mature eye friendly and can easily be adapted to the younger generation.  Once you know where to apply the eyeshadow colors, you'll be able to do this in your sleep!

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