Lip Syncing Or How to Contour, Define, and Highlight Your Lips

In my eye shading tutorial, I showed how important it is to shade or separate the eyes from the rest of the face.  In this tutorial I show how to do it with the lips which is the second area that gets a lot of attention.  Remember, you don't want to isolate the lips from the rest of the face, you just want to define them so they have depth and definition.

Here is what you need:  a lipstick, a lip pencil 2 shades darker, a lip pencil about the same color as the lipstick, and a highlighter pencil.  Of course, the usual lip brush is needed and maybe some q-tips to wipe away some mistakes.

1-Starting with clean lips.  2-Take the highlighting pencil and apply above your natural lipline.  (Sometimes this is used to create a new lip line by burying the original shape but we will stick to the natural shape.) 3-Continue on the other end.  (This highlighter method is used all the time in tv/film.  Next time, watch closely and you will see the men have their upper lip line highlighted.)

4-Continue on the bottom, stopping before it curves to the center of the lip area.  5-Apply on the other end and stop as you get close to the center. 6-Sometimes some people have a dimple here, highlighting it will detract its shadow.

7-Highlighting application.  8 & 9-Blending the top.

10-Blend the bottom.  11-Blend the shadow area.  12-Completed.  The center of the lips should have that slight highlight due to blending into that area.

13,14,15-Take the pencil that is similar in color to the lipstick that you will be wearing.  Apply to the bottom lip line only.

16-Take the darker color and apply to the cupid's bow.  17 & 18-Continuing to the rest of the top lip line.  This darker color separates the top and the rest of the lips from the nose.  Since the bottom lip liner uses a color similar to the lipstick, the lips never look harsh and isolated.

19-How it should look before lipstick application. 20 & 21-Apply and blend the lip liner with the lipstick.  22& 23-Blend the top lip liner with the lipstick.  Do not leave an obvious lip line.  You just want the dark color to give the illusion of lips protruding from the face (thanks to the previous highlighting pencil application).

See the difference?  The top shows just lipstick alone.  The middle shows the finished application.  The bottom is with gloss added.  The lips look defined and plump without resembling any groper fish!

Hope you liked this tutorial.  If you have any questions, just email or leave a comment below.  And, if you do try this tutorial, a mention of this blog is always appreciated.



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