The Fast Neutral Eye Look Inspired by the TV Show the Arrow

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I am a major fan of the Arrow, not only do I enjoy watching Oliver Queen and John Diggle run on pure testosterone.  I enjoy looking at the makeup.  Yes, as a makeup addict, as you know, I am influenced by the beauty on tv and film.

Eye Anatomy for Eyeshadow Application

The last tutorial, Skyfall, was a bit difficult but this one isn't.  In fact, it is fast and easy since it is an eye look made for a tv show which hardly gets much time to spare when it comes to makeup application.  So, if you want a look that has depth and definition and is wearable anywhere.  Go for this look.

This one is inspired by Laurel Lance (played by Katie Cassidy) whose sister died in the boat wreck which Oliver Queen survived.  This eye look will look good on practically any eye shape, and to show it I used Lola as my victim volunteer.

For this look I used the following:
This is super simple and pretty much the basis of many eyeshadow application methods. You can change the colors to suit your mood.

1 & 2-In my Skyfall tutorial, I separate the eye area from the rest of the face with a contour color.  I use Illamasqua Heroine for this.  This is what I am doing here.  It all starts like this and future posts will most likely start out like this.  You can see the corresponding pictures of Lola at the bottom.  3- Blended.

4-Applying onto the orbital ridge.  5-This time I apply the color onto the lid also.  6-The entire eye area is saturated with the taupe except for the browbone area.  Taupe or any cool toned contour color, depending on the depth of the skin tone creates a subtle depth without looking obvious.  This helps distinguishing the different depths of the eye for tv/film.  Like I mentioned before, it also acts as a guideline for placement of other shadows. 

7-Lining the bottom with taupe.  8 & 9-Starting with the 3CC Bright Eyes eyeshadow which is very mature friendly especially when layered on top of a matte shadow, I apply to the browbone.   

10-With the same color, I apply to the inner corner of the eye and onto the lid.  11-Stopping at the end of the outer lashline.  See the angle and how it leaves some of the taupe untouched.  12-I continue onto into the crease and onto the orbital ridge. 

13-The shadow only goes this far, leaving a triangle of matte taupe.  Also, the nose area is left untouched and matte.  14-Take NARS Paramaribo, the darker color and apply to the outer 1/3rd of the eye, just right above the outer lashline and go straight up. 15-How it looks.  See the subtle taupe at the outer end also?  This separates the eye area from the cheek area.

16 & 17-Take the color and bring it around the crease tot he inner corner.  For  close set eyes, just take it about ⅔ of the eye.  18-Blend.

19-Taking the It Cosmetics Hello Light, take a liner brush and apply a thick line on the top lashline.  20-Do the same to the bottom.  21-How it looks so far.

22-Taking an eyeliner sealer, in this case Manna Kadar Transfix, create an eyeliner color from the NARS Paramaribo, the darker color and apply very close to the top lashline.  23-Do the same for tthe bottom lashline.  24-How it looks.

25-Now, taking the same color dry, apply to the bottom outer 1/3rd of the eye in a thick line.  This will create depth to the eye. 26-Continue upward and connect with the top NARS Paramaribo27-How it looks so far. 

28-Take the same NARS Paramaribo color and smudge the rest of the bottom lashline but thin it out when as it gets closer to the inner corner.  29-How it looks so far.  30-Waterline both top and bottom with the Elizabeth Arden Smoky Brown pencil31-The almost finished eye look.

The beginning and the finished look.

This is slightly different from how Laurel (Katie Cassidy) wears hers.  Not only am I almost old enough to be here mother, her eyes are shaped differently than mine.  She also uses a green shadow on the bottom which you can do too.  Also, the outer ends aren't connected but I decided to do that to my eyes.  If the taupe were a bit darker, I might not have connected the NARS Paramaribo. You can see the subtlety of the taupe.  It adds definition and distinguishes the eyes from the rest of the face.  This is important in tv and film because the camera and lights suck the contours and definition of the face like a vampire sucks blood.  Illusion is what creates the look and if you want to look good, any illusion is better than none.

Hope this helps someone out there.  If you like this tutorial and try it, please take the time to mention this blog--greatly appreciated!



Special thanks to Lola.

Disclosure: *Manna Kadar Transfix PR Sample 

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