The Daytime Smoky Eyes

Daytime smoky eyes might sound like an oxymoron but you can wear smoky eyes without looking like you hollowed out your eyes.  In this post I use the simple pattern used in my Definitive Eyeshadow Guide which works on all eye shapes.

Eyeshadow application has a basic pattern. What makes an eye look different are the colors used and certain details. Again, I use the basic colors and in future posts I will change the palette, but for now the beauty of eyeshadow really is to understand how basic colors can create many looks. In my last post, I showed the Daytime/Weekend eye look.  This is a bit more detailed but not in the difficult way, just some more steps to emphasize the look.

The Daytime Smoky Eye Look works on all eye shapes and it especially looks great on Asian eyes.  So, in this post, even though I show the diagrams on occidental eyes which everyone can easily follow; I will use Jessica's Asian eyes.

The colors used are a shimmery ivory/gold, shimmery apricot, matte taupe, matte dark brown, and matte black (or black eyeliner).

Starting with a clean and prepped eye.

Apply matte taupe eyeshadow all over eyes and apply it widely on the bottom lashline.  I explain here why this is done.

Apply ivory/gold shimmer from outside corner of eye up to and around browbone but skip the lid area.

Next is the matte dark brown.  Apply it onto the lid and up to the +orbital ridge.  Remember, to tilt your head back like this (picture below) to get the best application.  Your +orbital ridge is the bone and NOT YOUR NATURAL CREASE-LINE. 

Using the same dark matte brown shadow, apply a smudged line on the bottom lashline.

Continuing with the dark matte brown eyeshadow, re-emphasize the lid or what I call enclosing the lid which is explained here.

Now, this what makes the smoky eye a bit more wearable for the daytime.  Apply the apricot shimmer eyeshadow just on the outer +browbone shown in the diagram.  This not only softens that bone but also darkens it slightly, making it less of a contrast with the dark lid.

Take the matte black eyeshadow and use it as a cake eyeliner or take a black gel liner or pencil and just line the top +lashline.  Nothing special, no winging of the eyeliner.  Just stop when you get to the very edge of your outer lashline.

Tightline or line the inner rim of your top lashline with black.

Line the inner bottom rim of the eyes.

Apply highlighter/concealer beneath the eyes and cheekbones for glow and to wipe away any fallout from eyeshadows.

How it all comes together.


Add some mascara and/or lashes and you will have something similar to this.

If you have any questions, just comment or send me an email. Or if you would like to volunteer just look here for info.

Special thanks to Jessica!!

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