Orbital Ridge

The orbital ridge is the most important area when it comes to eyeshadow application. 

  • It is the area that divides the eye area from itself and the face.
  • In mathematical terms, it is the constant while the muscles and your skin are the variables.  Your orbital ridge (bone structure) is always where it is suppose to be whereas your muscles and skin will vary with aging. (Boohoo!)
  • Shading this area gives the eyes a background, therefore giving emphasis to the most important area which are the lid and lashes, the frames to the windows of your soul!
  • Shading this area also softens the “bulge” right below the eyebrow line.  Through the anatomical structure and lighting, this area is always naturally highlighted, therefore de-emphasizing it will balance the eye makeup.

Orbital ridge area on basic shape eyes

Orbital ridge area on hooded eyes

Orbital ridge area on mature eyes

Orbital ridge area on Asian eyes

Due to ethnicity, the slope of the orbital bone may differ but every eye shape has an orbital ridge. 

Orbital bone on basic shape eyes

Orbital bone of hooded eyes

Orbital bone of mature eyes

Orbital bone on Asian eyes

And it is this ridge will guide you to the placement of the eyeshadows.  Once you understand what I have written above, all the eyeshadows will fall into place!

Best way to apply eyeshadow to the orbital ridge is to tilt the head back slightly and look into the mirror (or just lied down).  

Do not raise your eyebrows because this is just stretching the muscular structure.  The orbital ridge is the bone or skeletal facial structure.  You want to find your orbital ridge bone and emphasize its slope!

Applying eyeshadow onto the orbital ridge will look similar to the pictures below.

Basic shaped eyes

Hooded eyes

Mature eyes

Asian eyes

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*Special thanks to Aldona, Brelki, Kim, Jane, Cathy, Lorin, Joy, Jessica, and Susan.*