About Me

*Thank you to Aldona at Working Beauty for the comic strip*

Who am I?

I am Olivia, a B-List beauty blogger who has been blogging for 6 years!  I live in the USA.  I am not a young fawn but a mature and wise woman who pretty much knows beauty is not just about some cosmetic item but how one carries their own true beauty.  I don't claim to be some great makeup artist or beauty guru, but I do claim to be a great q-tip (makeup applicator).  I am Jill of all trades and mistress of nothing.  I spent my youth carrying around the Gray's Anatomy book, thus the slightly detailed (and somewhat anal) posts about eye anatomy and makeup tutorials for this blog.

What is this blog all about?

It is about in depth tutorials with very detailed explanations on the how and why makeup is applied.  Earlier posts may look bad, but I am not embarrassed to post my journey of learning on this blog.  The latest posts are much better!

This blog is the sister to The Unknown Beauty Blog which handles the review side of beauty.

If you like a post on this blog, please mention it.

I do not make money out of this blog.  I do it for the love and appreciation of everyday people. Please, don't plagiarize and look like a fool on the search engines!  I appreciate you for reading this blog, please appreciate me.  Check out my other How-To posts on The Unknown Beauty Blog.

Are these makeup rules?

Nothing is written in stone.  These are just suggestions and guides to makeup application.

Why pictures and not a video?

Are you dictator of the internet? Why not? I just provide a niche for people who want more of a detailed explanation.  If you prefer moving pictures, that is your choice.

Why don't you show it on real people?

These are real people!

I meant on actual people or even yourself so I can see how it actually looks on skin.

I just provide a detailed guide to application.  If you don't want to read to get the details, then this isn't the blog for you.  Besides, how is this different when everyone is using such dramatic diffusing apps and skin softening filters on their IG and YT videos?  

These tutorials are useless.

I heard this before.  So are some of the videos on YouTube!  Same difference.

Can I leave insulting comments?

Yes, you can and I will also have a valid email which can be traced back to you and your IP address.

If I leave an insulting comment, what will happen?

I will be thinking many insulting thoughts about you too.  I also have 3 witches working for me and chanting over a cauldron.  Watch out for karma!  I am a person, not a saint!

I am a fan of your blog, I want to volunteer.  How do I do that?

All the guidelines are written here.

Do you have affiliations?

No, I don't. But I do have referral links which allow pennies to be placed towards a future purchase of some beauty product.

Any other questions?

Just email me by clicking the icon below - maquillageobscura at gmail dot com:
I thank you for taking the time to read this and visiting my blogs.  And remember, any mention of this blog gives an independent angel its wings!