Volunteer For This Blog

Bored with your look?  Just don't see the beauty in yourself? Just don't get make up? Or just stuck in a rut?  Volunteer for this blog and see what a virtual make over can do!

Here are the guidelines:

  • Make sure the pictures are large enough.  I can easily scale them down.  If you are wondering how big just click on the eye pictures below to check them full size.  They should be at least 700 x 350 for the eyes.

  • Make sure the full eyebrows are in the eye pictures.  The side of the face and forehead may be in them when taking pictures.  That is fine.  I can easily crop them.

  • Pictures should be taken with flash.  Natural light and no flash is hard for me to work with since there are shadows and such.  If natural lighting is the only way, then make sure the lighting is even.

  •  No blurry pictures.

  •  You can wear foundation and mascara but no color products.  I prefer a blank canvas.

  •  Make sure the hair is out of your face.  For face pictures, tie it back or use a headband.

  • Again make sure they are large enough for me to work with.  I can easily scale and crop but I can't enlarge and sharpen to make a good tutorial.

  • To avoid distortion of the pictures - When taking pictures on the macro setting, it is better to zoom the lens than for you to zoom into the camera.  If you zoom into the camera, it distorts the face.

For the eyes these are the different angles that I needClick to enlarge to see how big they really are.  That is how big I would prefer them to be.  Please, include both eyes.

Also, if you are a mature and wise woman and find your eyes slightly drooping.  Please, take another picture like this for the 3/4th view.  This way I can see the bone structure of the eye more clearly.

Also include the picture angle below.

If you want to volunteer your face, here are the two different angles

I know this sounds like I am asking too much but it just makes it easier for me when I do the tutorials. 

If you are interested, email them to me with the words Volunteer Pictures in the subject line.  If you have a blog don't forget to include your url in the email so I can link back.  

Also, is there a certain makeup look you are curious about? Smoky eyes, nude eyes? Application techniques, etc.  Just any question about makeup?  Include that in your email.

Last but not least, the tutorials take some time.  I wish I could crank them out faster but my skills in Photoshop and Gimp aren't at the pro level and my brain tends to freeze at times since I only have one. 

If you have any questions about the tutorials, volunteering, looks, or techniques; email me just click on the icon below.