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January 13, 2014

Changing the Shape of Round Eyes

A note: I meant Changing the Shape of Round Eyes and not eyeshadow.  Sorry for the typo!
inglot neutral eyeshadow basics

I did a tutorial on elongating round eyes here, but I figured I should update it and explain it a bit better and more in depth.

November 4, 2013

How to Contour, Define, Shape, and Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

I considered another title for this post: "How to Wear Eyeshadow Without Looking Like a Whore."  Instead, I went for the tame version since everyone wants bigger eyes!  This tutorial really shows how taupe eyeshadow acts as a background color for the other eyeshadows.

September 27, 2013

Creating the Natural Look with the Fab Four Eyeshadows on Asian Eyes

*Just a tutorial.*

Natural looking defined eyes sounds like an oxymoron but when you have the Fab Four eyeshadows, this is possible.  Yes, this is another post using these basic matte colors of ivory, peach, taupe, and dark brown.  I do these posts because they statistically receive the most hits compared to the glammed up eye tutorials.  This tells me using neutrals or creating a natural look is difficult especially on Asian eyes which it shouldn't be, just takes some practice and know-how.

September 20, 2013

The Fab Four Eyeshadows Tutorial on Hooded eyes Which Also Works on All Eye Shapes

*Tutorial is just for entertainment purposes.*

I don't mean to do my tutorials on hooded eyes but I was playing around with Kim's beautiful eyes with the Fab Four palette and thought many of you would be curious as to how it would look on.  Also, knowing that many and, I mean, many of you with hooded eyes would like a natural or even polished neutral look.  I thought this tutorial would help.  Remember, these eyeshadows are what gives the bare minimum of color to the eyes, yet they will define and contour with such subtlety that no one will know you are wearing eyeshadows! 

February 26, 2013

The Fast Neutral Eye Look Inspired by the TV Show the Arrow

to see the show go to
I am a major fan of the Arrow, not only do I enjoy watching Oliver Queen and John Diggle run on pure testosterone.  I enjoy looking at the makeup.  Yes, as a makeup addict, as you know, I am influenced by the beauty on tv and film.  The last tutorial, Skyfall, was a bit difficult but this one isn't.  In fact, it is fast and easy since it is an eye look made for a tv show which hardly gets much time to spare when it comes to makeup application.  So, if you want a look that has depth and definition and is wearable anywhere.  Go for this look.

February 5, 2013

Shading the Eyes or Separating the Eyes from the Rest of the Face

It has been a long time coming for this tutorial but to tell you the truth it is hard to do a tutorial using oneself in real time.  In other words it is so much easier to just photoshop the steps, but I decided to show you on my mature eyes how shading the eyes work.

I have eliminated the steps on what products have been used.  I will just mention what colors I have used.  I will also leave out the details of how I did my winged liner and such because I covered that many times in many posts.

January 1, 2012

Reader Request Tutorial-A Modernized Smoky Eye Look

One of my readers contacted me (<---I can't believe I have a reader who actually reads this blog!  Thrilled me to bits!!) and wondered if she could wear smoky eyes.  I told Lola that anyone could no matter what age.  Like many women though she couldn't see how because she just focused on her flaws or what she thought were her flaws.  We are so critical of ourselves that sometimes we don't see that beauty isn't just parts of a face but everything put together.  And, when I saw the pictures of Lola well she is one beautiful woman who looks like Juliette Binoche!

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