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February 23, 2015

Wise Owl Eyeshadow Tutorial with the Pixelated Eyeshadows

This tutorial is for anyone and any eye shape, I even used this on myself here. Mostly this eyeshadow tutorial is for the women over the age of 60!  Yeah, it is for the most beautiful women on this planet which I find many cosmetic brands choose to ignore.

July 3, 2014

A Naturally Beautiful Eye Look

I have discovered the popular eyeshadow tutorials on this blog are the ones which enhance your natural beauty.  I think this is great because everyone should embrace their own unique beauty and what better way than to make your eyes stand out with just the right amount of color and improvement.

March 24, 2014

Subtle, Defined, and Opened Eye Look for the Mature Wise Eyes

Eyeshadow application becomes a bit puzzling when one becomes a mature and wise woman.  The muscular structure around the eyes isn't as defined as they used to be, and the skin texture is not as smooth.  Yet, beauty of the eyes is more defined by the years lived.  This is where eyeshadow should just enhance those wise and wonderful eyes.

September 20, 2013

The Fab Four Eyeshadows Tutorial on Hooded eyes Which Also Works on All Eye Shapes

*Tutorial is just for entertainment purposes.*

I don't mean to do my tutorials on hooded eyes but I was playing around with Kim's beautiful eyes with the Fab Four palette and thought many of you would be curious as to how it would look on.  Also, knowing that many and, I mean, many of you with hooded eyes would like a natural or even polished neutral look.  I thought this tutorial would help.  Remember, these eyeshadows are what gives the bare minimum of color to the eyes, yet they will define and contour with such subtlety that no one will know you are wearing eyeshadows! 

September 9, 2013

How to Make Mature Hooded Eyes Stand Out

*Just a tutorial and nothing more.*

Out of all the posts I put on this blog, the most people look at are the hooded eyes posts.  Whether the hood begins to lower with age or if you were born with them, eyeshadow application is the number one conundrum.  It doesn't have to be because the bone structure is the same with all eye shapes, just knowing how to properly enhance them takes a little practice.

November 19, 2012

Want Revenge? Makeup Tutorial Inspired by the Character Emily Thorne

This is another tutorial inspired by the television show Revenge.  A show not only is a great weekly drama, but a great show with great makeup.  The last tutorial was about Victoria Grayson the manipulative bitch who had an affair with David Clarke.  This tutorial is about another manipulative woman Emily Thorne (born Amanda Clarke), daughter of David Clarke.  Emily looks so sweet and innocent but underneath that exterior lies a woman as manipulative as Victoria.  As you can see, Emily Thorne has hooded eyes and I figured the best model for this tutorial would be Lisa from Beauty Info Zone.

January 16, 2012

Reader Request-Going from Weekend, Daytime, to Night Time Eyes Easily

For this tutorial Lisa from Beauty Info Zone has volunteered.  Give her a round of applause!

In this tutorial I hope you can see how to define, divide, and conquer!  Watch as Lisa's eyes go from a basic weekend to professional daytime to an alluring and seductive night time eye look with just little changes.  Knowing the basics of eyeshadow and what little changes can do can make the biggest difference in the look of the eyes as a whole.  Hopefully, this tutorial can open your eyes (pun) and paint a clearer picture of past tutorials.

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