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August 1, 2014

Taming the Smoky Eye Look

The smoky eye look is one of the most sexiest and alluring eye looks ever, but at times it can be too dark and just bad!  However, don’t give up because smoky eyes can be softened to look less Gothic and more polished and wearable!


June 20, 2014

Easy and Glamorous Eyes

Wow! Almost three months since my last post on this blog.  I didn’t mean for this blog to become stale!  Well, this post has a pair of fresh new eyes.  I have a new victim, I mean volunteer CULT member—Aldona, check out her blog Working Beauty - a corporate fairytale.  Also, this tutorial is a request from another cult member—Emily.  So, let’s get on with this Easy Glamor eye look.

February 12, 2014

The Daytime Smoky Eyes

Daytime smoky eyes might sound like an oxymoron but you can wear smoky eyes without looking like you hollowed out your eyes.  In this post I use the simple pattern used in my Definitive Eyeshadow Guide which works on all eye shapes.

February 18, 2013

Sultry Smoky Eyes

Images from the movie Skyfall
I know I am late to the game in doing a tutorial on Skyfall, but I wanted to make sure it suited my mature eyes.  In other words, like the movie the application had to look 3D.  It had to give depth and dimension while looking sultry.  Is it easy to do? Well, I can't say this tutorial is for the fast and easy smoky eye look but everything in this tutorial has been covered in my past posts.  With some practice and patience, I am sure you can achieve the same look too.  Let's get on with the tutorial.

January 1, 2012

Reader Request Tutorial-A Modernized Smoky Eye Look

One of my readers contacted me (<---I can't believe I have a reader who actually reads this blog!  Thrilled me to bits!!) and wondered if she could wear smoky eyes.  I told Lola that anyone could no matter what age.  Like many women though she couldn't see how because she just focused on her flaws or what she thought were her flaws.  We are so critical of ourselves that sometimes we don't see that beauty isn't just parts of a face but everything put together.  And, when I saw the pictures of Lola well she is one beautiful woman who looks like Juliette Binoche!

January 16, 2011

Glamming Up Hooded Eyes Using Lancome Les Gris L'Wren Palette

Borrowing Jane's picture of the Lancome L'Wren Gris palette ($42USD) which I thank her for.  Please be aware that the colors for the tutorial aren't exact since I don't have the actual palette.  When I saw this palette and Jane's eyes, all I could think about was Eva Green's character Vesper in James Bond Casino Royale.  This will be a variation of Vesper's smoky eyes.

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